Happy Wombat Hazelnuts

You may have eaten hazelnuts before, but have you ever tasted them straight from the farm and freshly cracked? At Happy Wombat Hazelnuts, we supply in-shell hazelnuts, freshly cracked whole kernels and hazelnut meal direct from us.

Our farm near Batlow, NSW is home to 2,800 hazelnut trees and other cool climate crops such as berries and figs. All of our produce is grown, harvested and handled on site, so you can be sure you’re getting a fresh and tasty result every time.

  • Our Farm

    From harvesting to processing by hand, we control every aspect of our produce’s journey to you.

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  • Where To Buy

    You can find our produce at local markets throughout the Riverina and at selected cafes and stockists.

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  • Healthy Eating

    A handful of nuts every day is said to be ideal for your diet as they have numerous health benefits.

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  • Hints & Tips

    Our tip is to leave the skin on. Nuts with their skin are a very healthy choice, especially when raw.

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Our farm production works with the land, combining a love for nature and a joy for growing fresh healthy food.

  • What’s Not To Love!

    There’s a lot to love about Happy Wombat Hazelnuts:
    • They’re packed with natural fibre, healthy fats, folate and other vitamins
    • They’re delicious in all their forms, whether raw, roasted or as oil or flour
    • They can be enjoyed by themselves and in desserts, breakfasts, salads and savoury dishes.
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